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Your contact with NEOBH is likely to begin with a call to our office.  Please feel free to ask our Front Desk staff questions about our services.

A Telephone Intake is conducted for the purpose of gathering data that is needed before the first appointment can be set.  It is necessary for NEOBH to verify insurance coverage, co-payment amounts and deductible issues.  This ensures a clear understanding of mutual expectations regarding these issues.  Clients may also wish to call their insurance carrier for clarification.

The Telephone Intake process will also ask for information about the kinds of services desired.  Although most clients prefer to provide much more extensive information during the first session, it is important for NEOBH to have some idea of the nature of the problems presented.  This way, we can assign a therapist whose background, interests and areas of expertise will be a “good match.”

It is best to have the following information on hand, so that you can respond to questions from Phone Intake Staff:

  • Insurance Card data – including Plan numbers and Member Info phone numbers
  • Medicaid Card information
  • Do you have more than one form of insurance?  If so – please have information available regarding primary and secondary forms of coverage
  • Are you the custodial parent of the child client?  If not – what is the custody arrangement?
  • Who referred you to NEOBH?
  • What is the nature of the problem?

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