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Adolescent Treatment

Adolescents that demonstrate behavioral and emotional difficulties present significant challenges for affective treatment. Adolescents require a flexible treatment approach that meets their needs, but that is also responsive to the needs of their caregivers. Unruly/defiant behavior, anger management concerns, poor school achievement and self-injurious behavior causes stress that is experienced by the entire family.  Many adolescents also demonstrate poor decision-making, impulsive and/or aggressive behavior and family and peer conflicts.  They may struggle with needs and feelings that are difficult for them to verbally express.

At NEOBH, a flexible treatment approach includes close attention to the therapeutic alliance that must be achieved between the adolescents and the counselor. At the same time, family/parent needs for consultation and stress management must be addressed, so that caregivers can continue to support the treatment process.  Thus, family sessions may be used to increase family communication, and assist with problem-solving. Individual caregiver consultation may be used to help caregivers understand and manage the challenges of parenting a difficult teenager.

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