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Adults Impacted by Trauma and Loss

Adults impacted by trauma that occurs during childhood often endure years of difficulty before they seek treatment for the impact of traumatic experiences.  Adults that have been adversely affected by more recent traumas may experience embarrassment reguarding the nature of their symptoms, and their ability to "recover" as quickly as other people may expect.  

The Clinical Staff of NEOBH are able to employ a number of different treatment methods that are useful in the care of adults that have experienced trauma. These trauma treatment methods assist adult clients with the development of coping skills for the intense feelings that are often associated with traumatic experiences, and additionally assist clients toward the management of disturbing memories that may make functioning difficult.

Trauma-Focused Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment (TF-CBT) is a highly effective trauma treatment modality that focuses on the development of coping skills, before any processing of traumatic memories is attempted.  Seeking Safety is yet another trauma treatment method that emphasiszes the management of difficult memories and intense feelings.  Prolonged Exposure Therapy is a treatment method that works to desensitize clients form the emotional reactivity that frequently acoompanies memories of trauma.  

All of the Trauma Treatment modalities that are utilized by members of the Clinical Staff of NEOBH are Evidence-Based Practices that are considered "Best Practices" for treatment of people affected by trauma.

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