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Children and Adolescents with Autistic-Spectrum Disorders

Children and adolescents that demonstrate symptoms indicative of pervasive developmental disorders must manage a variety of unique social and emotional challenges.  Parents of such children are often concerned about how best to help their children with difficult behaviors and unusual interactions.

Many children with diagnosed or suspected pervasive developmental disorders benefit from a thorough assessment in order to accurately diagnose the nature of their problems. Accurate diagnosis is the first step toward the development of a targeted treatment approach. At NEOBH, specialized assessment services include the following:

  • Psychological testing
  • Educational testing when learning problems are suspected
  • School consultation to assist with the development of classroom interventions
  • ADD/ADHD Evaluations prior to medical intervention

Caregivers are actively included in the treatment process. Education and support can help caregivers to effectively assist their children, as well as learn ways to manage their often challenging emotional and behavioral reactions. Successful treatment requires a strong partnership, and an agreement regarding goals and objectives.

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