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Parent Coaching for High-Conflict Families
Divorce has a tremendous impact on families, and recovery is often difficult. However, some families encounter conflicts that continue long after the divorce process has been concluded. As parent conflict continues, many divorced couples repeatedly engage the Domestic Relations Court as a way to resolve their arguments. This may have limited effect, as the Court system cannot remedy certain attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that lead to ongoing struggles.

Parent Coaching helps divorced parents who demonstrate chronic conflicts devise ways of communicating with one another, so that adversarial interactions occur less often.

Parent Coaching for High-Conflict Families typically begins with individual sessions for each parent, so that the concerns and needs of each parent can be well-understood before conjoint sessions begin.

Conjoint sessions are often structured regarding a particular issue that is proven to be problematic (such as the nature, quality and frequency of parental communication) and strategies are proposed for problem-solving. Within conjoint sessions, concrete plans may be devised so that transfers of care of the children and other parent interactions occur more smoothly and take place according to agreed-upon guidelines.

Although the agreements that may be reached within Parent Coaching sessions are not mandated by the court, these agreements often represent a “first step” toward avoiding further legal intervention for divorced families who have experienced chronic conflicts.

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