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Children with Developmental Disabilities

Children with developmental concerns are faced with numerous challenges as they attempt to manage normative expectations.  At times, these children may demonstrate troubling behavior and emotional difficulties. Peer and social interaction problems are typically encountered by children with developmental handicaps. They may also have difficulty with appropriate self-awareness, sexual behavior and the management of intense emotions, such as anger or anxiety.

Children with special developmental needs often benefit from a comprehensive assessment in order to accurately evaluate the nature and extent of their problems. A thorough assessment also aids in the development of a targeted treatment approach. At NEOBH, specialized assessment services include:

  • Psychological testing
  • Educational testing when specific learning disabilities are suspected
  • School consultation to assist with classroom interventions and behavioral plans
  • School consultation toward the development of appropriate Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) goals and objectives

Given the special needs of children who demonstrate developmental handicaps, caregivers are actively included in the treatment process. Education and support can help caregivers to effectively intervene with their children, and learn ways to manage parenting challenges.

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