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Parenting Evaluations

Parenting Evaluations are brief mental health evaluations designed to provide Child Protective Services and Juvenile\Family Courts with information regarding the functioning of a person who has had legal involvement pertaining to the health and welfare of their children.  Often, people that are referred for Parenting Evaluations have encountered circumstances that have made it difficult for them to parent their child\children in a safe and responsible fashion.  A Parenting Evaluation seeks to provide data regarding the strengths and weaknesses of a parent, so that appropriate treatment recommendations can be made in order to assist the process of parent-child reunificiation.

Parenting Evaluations usually require two clinical interview sessions, as well as the completion of a Psychological Testing.  A Clinical Interview is conducted, and gathers information regarding family history, as well as recent events that may have culminated in the involvement of Child Protective Services.  A brief Intelligence Test is administered, and responses to pshchological testing are reviewed with the client during the assessment process.

At times, the basic design of a Parenting Evaluation may be modified in order to include an assessment of adaptive skills, as well as an evaluation of functional academic skills necessary for daily life.  A comprehensive report is written regarding the assessment results, and recommendations are made regarding the appropriateness of the current agancy case plan.  Data regarding the mental health needs of the client, and ways to assist the client toward improving his\her functioning, so that parent-child reunification can successfully occur, are included in the report that is produced from a Parenting Evalutation.

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