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Ashley Haas, PC

Population Served:  Children, Adolescents

Ashley Haas is a graduate of Cleveland Sate University. She is a Master’s-level Psychology Assistant with counseling and assessment experience in school, hospital and office-based clinical environments. Ms. Haas works with children and adolescents who demonstrate behavioral and emotional concerns, and also provides parenting consultation. As a therapist, she frequently works with children and adolescents connected with the Child Welfare system, and she completed preliminary online training in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Treatment (TF-CBT) in order to meet the special needs of children who have experienced traumatic life events. 

Ms. Haas is particularly skilled in areas of assessment that include the identification and evaluation of school-age students with academic problems, such as Learning Disabilities and educational difficulties that stem from emotional struggles or other health impairments, such as Attention-Deficit\Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). She is proficient in the administration and interpretation of a wide variety of assessment instruments, and provides recommendations that are used to help parents, physicians, counselors and teachers identify what is needed to help the child or adolescent achieve more successfully. 

At NEOBH, Ms. Haas is responsible for the administration of the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS-2), as well as additional assessment tools (such as a brief measure of intelligence and screening regarding receptive language skill deficits) that assist with the proper identification of Autism-Spectrum symptomatology. This test battery is often used to document a student’s need for special intervention and support. 

As a Psychology Assistant, Ms. Haas is Supervised by Aimee Thomas, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist She receives additional assessment consultation from Robin Tener, Ph.D.

Specialty Areas

Behavioral and Emotional Concerns

Trauma (TF-CBT)

Parent Consultation

Learning Disabilities




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